Wednesday, February 8, 2012

After thinking a lot about whether or not to create a blog I decided, why not, it's like a modern day journal but all your friends get to read it.

Lately I've been thinking a lot about my wedding day and I realized I need to document it. After a week of setting up and praying for good weather June 25 finally came. I was able to sleep perfectly the night before and woke up bright and early to go and get my hair and make up done. Anna Richey was so helpful in making me feel like a princess. I had to make sure I had everything ready for our ceiling in the Mount Timpanogos Temple at eleven o' clock. Jared came by the house around ten... I think. He looked handsome and ready for our big day. We drove to the temple and had a beautiful ceremony. Afterward Jared got dressed in his tux while I put on my wedding dress. I really did feel like a princess. When I saw Jared in his tux I couldn't believe how lucky I was to marry the most handsome man in the world. We greeted our friends and family as newly weds. We took lots of pictures in what turned out to be a beautiful sunny day. After about two hours of picture taking we were starving. Our luncheon was at the BlueLemon, a restaraunt really close to my house. Our guests were waiting for us and were happy when we got there because they were starving too. We sat at our designated spot at the head of the dining hall just thrilled to be married. We at a delicious green salad followed by an even more delicious burrito. It was so good I wanted another one. While everyone was eating we showed a video of Jared and I, I still watch it over and over again because it makes me feel so blessed to have Jared in my life forever. After that my brother Patrick sang and played a song on the piano. It was really nice. I will always remember how that song was for Jared and I on our special day. Our parents all gave some words of encouragement and love, followed by Jared and I expressing our love for each other. What Jared said was so sweet I will never forget it. After the luncheon everyone was very relaxed as we got ready for the reception. Family and friends were so helpful in setting everything up they even told me to stay out of it. I went and got some sweats on and just relaxed with Jared and our simblings as everyone else worked hard at making food and setting up chairs and tables. I was so grateful for them. Seven o' clock finally came around and I put my dress back on. The finally touches were being made to make our backyard transform into a beautiful wedding day garden. We took our places to greet neighbors and friends. All the food and flowers looked amazing and it was stunning. After lots of hugs and handshakes it was time to dance. My dad suggested we dance to his favorite band Pat Metheny and I happily agreed. It was fun to have a dance with my dad before he passed me off to my new husband Jared. Jared is a goof and I love it. Our song is called "I'll Be" as we danced to that Jared sang me all the lyrics, word for word.  He know that makes my heart melt. Here is a little secret about the reception, I didn't wear shoes the whole time. It was so much nicer than wearing heels. :) I threw the boquet of the balcony of my house and Bethany Leishman my cousin caught it. She is so sweet, i'm really glad she caught it. Jared found the gaurder and tried to flick it once. It went about a foot so he tried throwing it again this time a lot farther. We actually aren't sure the name of the guy who caught it but he is actually getting married very soon, so the myth about catching the guarder is true. After stuffing cake in each other's faces (started by me) we helped each other clean up and get changed out of our royalty clothes and into something more comfortable. We packed our bags into a oreo, shaving cream, plastic wrap covered mustang, and drove off by the light of sparklers. Jared thought the shaving cream was whip cream so before we left he thought it would be funny to lick some of it. He didn't have a very good taste in his mouth. :)
This memorable day was the start of my forever with Jared Chin. It was perfect in all imagineable ways. June 25, 2011 will be a very hard day to top.

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